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Love Line

Welcome to DG’s Love Line – where your wedding memories find their voice! Tired of the same old guest book routines? Step into the future of wedding keepsakes with our fully customized audio guest book alternative.

The Love Line is now open: Capturing Every Heartfelt Message

Say goodbye to pen and paper and hello to heartfelt messages spoken straight from the soul. DG’s Love Line offers a unique twist to the classic wedding tradition, allowing your guests to leave wishes, memories, and laughter using our stylish telephones. Choose between sleek black or pristine white – whichever matches your wedding style.

The process is as fun and seamless as our DJ style. Guests simply pick up the phone, hear your personalized greeting, and speak from the heart. From sentimental advice to hilarious anecdotes, every message is a cherished gem.

With DG’s  Love Line, relive the magic of your special day with a personalized voice message gallery delivered straight to your inbox. No stress, no hidden costs, no dropped calls – just pure wedding bliss.

Why Choose DG's Love Line?

  • A timeless keepsake from family and friends you'll cherish long after the wedding day is over.
  • No WiFi or landline needed: Just plug in, record, and let us handle the rest. We'll compile every heartfelt message into your love line.
  • Premium Instructional Signage: Elegant acrylic signage guides your guests, ensuring no message goes unsaid.
  • Personalized Voice Message Gallery within 48 Hours: Honeymoon listening? We've got you covered.
  • Cord-Free Convenience: Internal battery means no unsightly cords to ruin your decor.
  • Superior Sound Quality: Our upgraded mics and studio tech guarantee crisp, clear messages every time.

Why Stop At Weddings?

From birthdays to baby showers and fundraisers to galas, DG’s Love Line adds a touch of magic to any event. Memories are always just a phone call away.


  • For a limited time only, rent DG's Love Line for the ENTIRETY of your event at this introductory price while supplies last!
  • Vintage phone in your choice of Black or White
  • Personalized greeting preloaded onto the phone for guests to hear.
  • Premium instructional signage to prompt guests to leave messages.
  • Access to online voice message gallery within 48 hours of event conclusion.
  • Hassle-free setup requiring no WiFi or landline connection.
  • Neon "Leave A Message" Sign
  • Expert support from our Visionary team.

Like what you see?

We’re professional, experienced, and very skilled at what we do. We take great pride in our production skills and keep you and your guests involved at all times. Sound like a fit? Contact us today!